KMR Racing Stable | Kelly Rubley | Thoroughbred Trainer
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A lifelong horsewoman, Kelly Rubley grew up in central New York and developed a wide-ranging equine background including show jumping, fox hunting, eventing, and dressage.


She attended the State University of New York at Oswego and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and later earned two Master’s degrees in Secondary Education and Administration.


Kelly went on to teach middle school science for seven years before serving as a school administrator. Bitten with the horse bug as a youngster, she decided to leave education and move to the Fair Hill area to pursue a life with thoroughbreds and work as an assistant for the trainer, Barclay Tagg and then for another well-kn0wn trainerJimmy Toner. By the winter of 2014, she had hung out her own shingle and established KMR Racing Stable. She oversaw her first stakes winner in 2015, and Divisidero produced her first graded stakes victory in the Grade 3 Arlington Handicap.


Kelly is based at the Fair Hill Training Center in Maryland and in Florida during the winter months. Kelly started with a string of 15 and two employees, getting on each horse herself. Now, she has 50 in training across two barns at Fair Hill. The transition from 15 to 50 has come with challenges. She's had to cut back on riding horses herself, and although she has a lot more stalls, she still considers hers a small operation in a sport dominated by mega trainers.

That love for the horse is part of what makes Kelly's operation so detail-oriented. She doesn't just know a horse's training style and way of going, she knows personalities. She knows who will drop enough grain on the ground for the barn goats, who needs to be hand-grazed instead of turned out, and who will pout when the rider turns them toward the training track instead of the gallop fields. Not to mention her Assistant Trainers, Belinda, Pedro, and Kelley who work tirelessly at Kelly's side to make this all happen. Aftercare is important to Kelly, and her detailed knowledge of each horse helps her recommend options to owners when it's time to leave the starting gates behind.